Monday, November 16, 2009

My knitting

So I have been doing a good amount of knitting lately, at least for a student.

I finished the wash clothes for my boss's boss. Did I explain this? I went to a party at her house and discovered her bathroom is done in black and white and skeletons. So I decided to make her some wash cloths with skulls on them for her bathroom for Christmas. I am probably going to make a little basket with the wash cloths and some nice soap. Here are the wash cloths.

I finished my mom's christmas shall not be spoken of again until after Christmas.

I also finished some wrist warmers for a Doctor Who friend. The ones you all may or may not remember come from a Doctor Who episode. I found out that the costume designer for Doctor Who is going to be at the Doctor Who convention I am going to in February. I am totally going to ask her questions about the knitwear on the show.

I also finished a hat I was making for another Doctor Who friend. I made her the same wrist warmers and I made this hat out of the same yarn to go with them.

Right now, I am working on finishing the blanket for L_. I have a scarf I am giving as a gift AND I am popping out dish cloths to give as gifts around the place I work.

I think that's about it? Except...