Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I have been silent on my knitting blog for a long time...I apologize. The actual act of knitting and studying have been really at the forefront right now. So what the hell am I working on?

First off, this past weekend was Knitting Camp. Knitting Camp was a bunch of us knitters getting together for the whole weekend and, well, knitting. We met up at a camp site in Vista, CA. We literally spent the night in cabins and had meals in the mess hall. The meals were awesome! I am ready to get some type of pass so I can have dinner there every night! It was SO much fun...there was lots of knitting and laughing!

I recently came back to the Better Be Easy shawl. I think I burnt myself out on it when I was in England...I don't think I have touched it since I came back to the states. I have really gotten a lot done since picking it up again at knitting camp.

I am also working on knitting an alien who will live at the local yarn store to sell patterns of knitted aliens. I have hit a road block with him and I am seriously debating about ripping out his two heads and starting over from the neck. He really needs some beans or rice to weigh him down and both of his heads need to be stuffed more...I think I am going to rip it out. Here is Gamma in progress

I didn't mention it on here because I am not sure if he reads this knitting blog or not, but I finished a Doctor 4 scarf for a gift for a friend to give them at the Gallifrey One Doctor Who Convention. He was so surprised and it was so worth it. He is a part of a wonderful Doctor Who website Gallifrayan Embassy with connected podcast. It was to show my appreciation. He is the ultimate Doctor Who fan and did not have a proper scarf. Now he does.

Finished ALL my Depeche Mode fauxhawks for my friends that were heading across the pond to see Depeche Mode in Europe. I made 4 of them...I also made a black and green fauxhawk for someone going on the trip. I am seriously over making these fauxhawks right now. I still have two on "order" but I can't even look at the Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride bulky yarn right now. They must wait for awhile.

What else am I working on? Umm, I am making this citron shawl with a variegated Malabrigo Lace yarn. The pattern is apparently created for a Barbie doll. I on the other hand am I bit bigger, so I am going to try to make the shawl twice the original size. Here is example picture of the shawl.

I think that's it? I wish I could knit more than I can. There is never enough time to knit.