Friday, October 23, 2009

I feel dirty

So, I was finally able to step outside my apartment for the first time since, Monday? I had a dermatologist appointment, not too mention the fact that I was on my last roll of toilet paper and 2 cans of Diet Coke...

Anyway, as part of my errands today...I had to go to...another yarn store. Ugh, I even hate to admit it, makes me feel dirty. But Christmas is coming and I need this yarn now to get my projects rolling. I felt like I was cheating on my favorite local yarn store. Maybe that's why I was sweating so badly while I was in there...or it might have been the skeins of Lamb's Pride bulky wool/mohair I had in my arms. I now have all the yarn I need for ALL the fauxhawks I have been asked to make.

It does make me appreciate my favorite store so much more. I have no rapport with the people working at this store today and I was trying to explain my projects and see what the difference is between Malabrigo sock and lace yarn. I just wanted to know the yardage on a skein of lace weight so if I could see if the sock yarn matched the yardage. I felt like I was being treated like an idiot trying to substitute sock for lace on the Wisp shawl. Granted this woman has no idea what pattern I am talking about, and has no idea my knitting skill level. However, to immediately be presumed I don't know what I am doing, doesn't give one the warm fuzzies.

Anyway, I bought some Malabrigo sock yarn in a colorway from deep red to dark brown to make a Wisp shawl for my boss for Christmas. She is awesome and definitely "stitch worthy".

Now if I could just grow some more arms so I can knit more than one project at a time before Christmas...I might get everything done.

PS. I did not go to my usual Friday knit group at my favorite yarn store because I want to make sure I don't make any of them sick. Damn the rest of the population!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So I have been sick since, what last Saturday night? I got to the doctor on Monday only to be told I had some type of cold or flu virus...take some Mucinex DM and "I hope you feel better soon". Thanks for nothing, might as well have thrown the $30 dollar co-pay on the pavement and walked away...same basic effect.

Once again, too sick to do a lot of knitting most of the time. I did start knitting again some time yesterday. I have now finished one set of wristwarmers, started another and have completed a hat all but the pom pons for someone. I was hoping to get help on Friday to make them...I can never remember all the details on how to make a perfect pom pon. However, I think I will still be on virus lockdown on Friday and I won't be leaving the house quite yet.

I keep thinking I am feeling better and then you get that nighttime backslide where you feel worse than you did during the day. I am hoping one more day and I will feel good for Friday, but I DO NOT want to pass this on to anyone.

That's about it really. Slowly pecking away at my list of commissions while I also continue to add to it (dumbass alert!) two more scarves had been added to the list...

I am glad I am at least feeling "good" enough to knit..


Monday, October 12, 2009


Knitting is a truly crazy thing and my commissions seem to come in almost overwhelming waves! I have now been asked to make 6 fauxhawks for various people...yeah, you can say it...HOLY COW! Not that I mind, it's just a lot of fauxhawkness.

I am also bombarded with wristwarmers right now. Almost done with the first pair, I WILL get them in the mail this week. I have to remember that it is, in fact, cold in other parts of the country and people might be wanting their winter knitwear.

So, bought them and they came in the mail today and I wore them...what, you say? Well, my local knitting friends have heard the tails of the clear plastic Converse. Non-knitters right now are saying, why the hell would you want those? Knitters are nodding "yes". You see, with clear Converse I can show off my hand knit socks, of course. I have no idea why Converse decided to make clear shoes and why anyone who doesn't knit socks would wear them, but I am sure glad they do. I had been thinking of buying them, but then when I saw they were on sale, I had to do it.

I have put my beaded shawl aside to work on my commissions. I fear they will not all get done on time...

Keep your fingers crossed.


Friday, October 2, 2009

I AM a geek and I am PROUD

OK, so I was sitting in class yesterday and I realized, I really need to make a list to look at the priorities of my various knitting projects. I decided, what better way to make a completely anal retentive list than to make a spreadsheet in Excel? Oh yeah, I did... Those of you on the Ravelry website might be confused as to why I don't just use Raverly? I needed a list that could contain projects I hadn't started yet and a "due" date for each project.

I went through my various knitting baskets and I have removed and PUT AWAY almost every project I was doing for myself. I absolutely can not be tempted into knitting for myself right now, as I have so many things to do for others. I left out two projects the Wisp shawl/scarf I was doing as part of a knit along in my local store. I am knitting it with a gorgeous blue Malabrigo lace weight yarn. I have no idea if this is mine or a gift.

I also kept out a new project I just started...a beaded shawl. So I am now combining 2 of my favorite crafts...TOGETHER. Scary, YES! It is the Mockingbird Shrug in the December 2009 issue of Knit 'N Style. This thing is so new I can't find any pictures of it. I am messing with the pattern, I didn't want a shrug with sleeves, I wanted a shawl so I changed the pattern there, and then I have also added more repeats of the pattern to make it wider.

I have kept these two out so that I have something to knit at the store. Most of the projects I am doing for others is yarn they have bought and given me from other stores. It isn't really cool to bring in yarn you've gotten somewhere else to knit at a yarn least I think so and hey, I get to work on my beaded shawl that way.

Maybe some pictures will be coming soon?! Let's see if I can get all my knitting done on time!