Monday, June 29, 2009


The yarn of satan has now been tamed...nanny, nanny, boo, boo!

This is a fabulous lace pattern for this yarn! HOORAY! It may have redeemed itself enough to be brought to England with me...maybe...we shall see. I can honestly say I am getting enjoyment out of the project now.

The pattern is Airy Shawl by Jojoland. I am also using the Jojoland yarn asked for in the pattern. Although my colors will be different (mine is a brown to blue colorway) here is what the finished shawl had better look like:

No other knitting news to report!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Yarn of SATAN!

Ok, so this morning I woke up early, couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to work on the shawl from hell...I will conquer you biotch *shakes fist* Yeah, I don't know how long I worked on the shawl and I stopped and looked at it, it was totally jacked. I gave up, amputated what I had knit so far and decided to find an easier pattern at the store today

So Miss S_ helps me find a pattern for this cobweb yarn, grab the yarn and the size needles it says on the PATTERN and I begin. Well, not right away, for me the math wasn't matching the stitch number blah blah blah anyway M_ and D_ helped me figure it out and I began. What 11 o'clock? Fast forward to nearly 3pm. Things are going way to well, I should have expected failure...

A woman came into the store and wanted to knit the same shawl. They are reading the TAG and I discover to my horror that the displayed shawl was knit on larger needles. I am a big girl and I need all the size I can get on pattern. I didn't need to be making one smaller than the original! Craptastic.

So guess what...I am starting over AGAIN. Now I am convinced that it is the yarn and not the pattern that is the bringer of evil. I am still determined to make a shawl out of this yarn.

Bring it, yarn! I am going to open up a can of whoop ass on you!


Thursday, June 25, 2009


Here is a picture of me in the crazy get-up I wore on Worldwide knitting in public day.

Thanks, Pia for sending that along to me!

I haven't knit very much since my flurry of knitting to finish my blousen and my cardigan. I am working on a pair of socks that I created a pattern for. It is easy enough to be, well, easy, but I do have to pay attention to make sure I don't mess up the pattern. It will be going with me to England.

I am also working on another shawl from hell. I don't know why I continue to torture myself with lace pattern shawls. This one steals the cake...not only have I started over, what 3 or 4 times now? But it is knit using that uber thin cobweb yarn. Yes, it is what it sounds like. I am a complete nutter to even attempt it. But I am determined to make pretty lace like everyone else can seem to do. I will either defeat it, or it will completely defeat me...I am not taking it to England, it is too evil and does not deserve a free trip to another country.

AND, the votes are all want me to journal about my time in England, so starting July 2nd you will be hearing about my trip and my knitting!


Yeah, that is so me in a black wig!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Worldwide Knitting in Public Day!

Today we celebrated Worldwide knitting in Public Day!

We had so much fun. We had tons of people, tons of knitting, tons of food and tons of fun!

Here is my photo album of the day:

Knitting in Public Photos

I am wiped, so no more words...


Friday, June 12, 2009


I have two lovely finished articles of clothing...YEA!

The first is my cardigan...Thanks to The Diva I was able to fix and finish the sleeves of the cardigan. I love it. Here are some pictures:

I have also finished and gotten some pictures of my finished top:

I will be wearing the above top tomorrow during the worldwide knitting in public day celebration at my local yarn store. I think it is going to be really fun and I am going to bring my camera, so maybe you shall see...

This is my current project I have worked on most of this weekend...a sock pattern I created and I am called the Big Rib Sock. I saw something similar on Ravelry, but it was a pattern for machine knitting. So I looked at it and tried to do something close to it in hand knitting. I am loving the results and working with this yarn I have never used before called Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Silk Color...yeah, that is really the name. Here is the result so far:

This is probably what I will knit on tomorrow.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well, kinda...

Well, I kinda finished my cardigan...however, Houston, we have a problem...

All the elements came together great, the knitting looks good...BUT

The sleeves are too short, by maybe 2 inches? I *think* I know how to fix the problem. This would mean undoing the i-cord cast on and then knitting from the cast on edge and then casting off in an i-cord. I must discuss this with the Diva tomorrow. I hope my idea works or this could be an extreme pain in the anus to fix.

I have also almost finished the Blousen shirt I am working on. All I have left is the front bottom panel to finish knitting. I have clipped the rest of the pieces together and I think it will look really good when finished.

I have also been asked by a friend, L_ to knit a blanket for her. Despite it not being "blanket" weather, I am going to go at it with gusto when I get the materials.

I have decided to knit wrist warmers and socks during my time in the UK.

Speaking of the UK...I am making a poll. Would you all want me to journal my trip to England in this blog? Or would you all rather I created a separate blog for my trip and keep this only knitting?

Please vote!