Friday, October 29, 2010



I totally finished my hoodie! I am so all it needs is to be blocked and a zipper sewn in. So that would require me going off and getting a zipper and then sewing it in. Now that I have a sewing machine I am looking forward to trying it out. Here is what the hoodie looks like without blocking and the zipper...ignore the lady wearing it.

What else am I working on....

Something for mom, which shall remain unspoken.

I still have a Knit For the Cure project, which I realized tonight I am probably supposed to have in like, this weekend. Crap...

I am also knitting a little Fun Fur shawl which is to be a part of my Halloween costume as a cave woman. My Halloween party isn't until November 13th so I have some time.

I shawl for my boss...

I am really just excited about my hoodie working out so well!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yarn Tales

Been doing some knitting...I know that may shock some of the people who read this blog, but I have to come clean. So there, I've said it...

What have I been knitting?

I can know show the shawl I made for the craft swap I was apart of:

I made the Pimpelliese by Christine Ebers...which, in fact is the same pattern I am using to make the shawl for my boss. Here is what it looks like in a multicolor sock yarn...the finished product.

I used the Conjoined Creations Flat Feet yarn which looked like this when I started:

This seemed like such a cool idea but the yarn sucked balls to work with. It was so kinky from already being knit, it really effected my gauge and how I knit. I felt like I was constantly fighting the kink...and I think the tension on my stitches was thrown off. I hated the look of it while I was knitting and I was hoping that soaking the piece when it was finished would clean all that up...I don't think it really did. I hope the person who received the shawl likes it.

What else have I been knitting? The Aestlight shawl, which all the cool kids at my local yarn store are making. Unlike the swap shawl, this one is fabulous! Although I totally messed up the bird's eye lace part and had to rip it know looks wonderful. I will probably not be making this one again. Here is the finished product:

The big Knit for the Cure event was at my local yarn store today. I bought some pink ribbon yarn to make a scarf. I used the My So Called Scarf pattern to start a project today. Here is it's beginning:

I think the shininess of the yarn made the picture not come out very well.

I also finished a baby hat I began LAST year for the Knit For the Cure.

Can't really think of anything else new...