Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Talkin with Mom

So I talked with my mom a couple times today, after having a kinda down day concerning the job search situation, my mom inspired me today.

We talked about the one kerchief I got knit for her while she was visiting and how must she really liked it. When I asked her what she might like, she suggested a black one. For those you who knit, you know knitting a pattern in black is kinda pointless because you won't see it. So I just decide to use the pattern for the pink kerchief with a simple yarn over increase with a plain stockinette body. The pattern calls for just regular acrylic I will be able to raid my stash to make more.

I was really surprised, she called before dinner and by midnight, it is finished! I am really pleased with it. I hope she will like it...I am ready to make any color of the rainbow for you mom! Here it is:

What else am I knitting? Another Doctor Who scarf...because I really need one...NOT!
I have gotten obsessed with the need to have a scarf in the Season 18 colors. I really think this is knitting therapy. It is very theraputic and meditative to knit the repetitve garter stitch and color changes. I think I really need this simple project to help me with the anxiety and depression over my job situation.

Here is the scarf, made out of three colors of the Lion's Brand Vanna's Choice acrylic yarn:

I can only imagine what my life would be like without knitting right now. I know it helps me with my anxiety and stress. I already have issues with food. I imagine the food would be my only crutch, and my weight gain would be out of control.

Work on the Jaywalker socks continue. I re-knit the body of the sock with a size 1.5 needle and that was all the change I needed, the complete sock now fits great. I am now in the second sock, nearing the construction of the heel flap.

So there it also gave me flack for not updating my journal, see you inspired me to journal, too! Love you, Mom!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Backed up to the curb...

Well, I finished one of my Jaywalker socks and it LOOKS great.

However, it fits like crap, which is my fault. I made the larger size of the sock and then I went up a size on the needle to make up for the fact that, I am in fact, fat. This worked fabulously on the leg of the sock...BUT from the heel down the thing is a saggy, loose mess. I can't decide what to do. I *think* I am going to rip the sock out up to the heel/instep split. Then I will go down a needle size and I think it will make it *just right*.

In fact, now that I have typed this, I will definitely rip it out.

I still love the pattern and want to do more socks in this pattern!

Friday, January 4, 2008


SO I finally did it, I got my Lorna's Lace Shepard Sock yarn (Jungle Stripes) color (which is a chartruese and purple) and I have begun my first pair of Jaywalker pattern socks I am loving this looks great with a varigated yarn.

I have three colorways of Lang Bebe Color in the colors 0029, 0057, and 0046. I am so cracked out, I want to do all of these yarns in the jaywalker pattern.

Who knows, though...after I finish my first pair of jaywalkers, I may have had it...ya know?

I had completely frogged a project, the Anne Lacy Shawl I kept dropping stitches and losing my place and ripping it back. So I got frustrated and ripped the whole thing. I was making it using Schaefer Lola in Jewel of the Nile

I looked on Ravelry for other things I can make with this yarn. I finally said screw it, I want that shawl. The pattern calls for a 10 1/2 or 11 size needles. I was doing it on 11 circular. I decided to change to 10 1/2 straight. I mean, it is a shawl, not a sweater, so sizing isn't as important. I feel a bit more confident on the 10 1/2 so we'll see. I WILL NOT let this shawl defeat me.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Not too sick to knit

Finally went out into public for the first time since before Christmas yesterday. Michael's was one of our stops...

Mom got me the 2008 Knitting Pattern a Day calendar for Christmas. In there, we noticed two patterns for head kerchiefs. My mom has worn these since forever and she was excited to find some I could knit. So yesterday we bought the yarn to make two kerchiefs for her. I finished the first one in about 24 hours (not non-stop knitting) and it looks great and mom looks cute in it.

The pattern calls for Caron Simply Soft and that is what we bought. I think it looks really good. You can also find the pattern here. Here is the kerchief alone:

Here is mom modeling the kerchief:

Now I am working on the Gryffindor scarf and some of the squares for the fire victims. We bought some variagated yarn to make mom another kerchief. I would like to get it done before she leaves.

At least I am no longer too sick to knit!