Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So many projects...

So few hands!

I finished all my projects for the Ravelympics before the Closing Ceremony on Sunday. The final project was the drop stitch scarf. Here it is all finished:

Right now I have A LOT of projects all going at the same time, so I decided to take pictures of them...

The first is the blue/yellow/white skull fauxhawk hat. I am almost done knitting the second half and that means cutting and tying on the hawk part is in my near future. Here is a picture of the finished side:

Here is what I have done on the baby sweater vest. The Baby Bamboo yarn is a DREAM to work with, the pattern is easy to understand and it has been easier than I thought to do...I think I might do more clothing items!

Let's not forget the crack like effects of knitting the Clapotis. Still loving that, I am just over halfway done with that:

I have also started two other NEW projects, cause I don't have enough...

I FINALLY decided what to do with all the WONDERFUL Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky yarn I have been gifted by my knitting buddies. I am going to make an entrelac afghan out of it. Nothing like a nice warm and heavy wool and mohair afghan when it is over 90 outside. This is what I have done so far:

Finally, there is yet ANOTHER dalek. This one is for a little girl and I can't remember if I was just told to make it girlie or told to use pink, but I am making a pink on pink dalek. I basically just cast on today. I love this one already. It reminds me of that Frankenberry cereal, do they still make that?

We absolutely CAN NOT forget THE Shawl. Miss C_ personally came over to my apartment on Monday to show me how to block it. She helped me SO much...thank you, C_. Not only did she show me how, but I think she did like 3/4s of it. But now that I know how, I will be able to block the clapotis all by myself! Here is THE shawl, blocked and drying...


Monday, August 18, 2008

Clapotis is CRACK!

Done a LOT of knitting this weekend.

I finished another Adipose for a friend of mine. I think they are getting cuter and cuter as I make them.

I felted the red/black/white skull fauxhawk and was there to see when the girl got it. Yeah, she loved it, it was awesome and it fit her head great! Pictures of her wearing her new fauxhawk should be on their way shortly.

I have done a lot of work on my third Ravelympics project, the Drop stitch scarf. I have probably completed 60 to 70 % of the scarf. This is what it looked like in the beginning.

I finished one side of the blue/yellow/white skull fauxhawk. I was almost finished with the second side when I realized I had made a horrible mistake, about a quarter of the way into the thing, I ended up ripping out the whole second side. VERY discouraging and I admit, I haven't picked it back up.

I did however begin knitting THE Clapotis. It is a pattern that has been VERY popular in the knitting world. It is basically a shawl/scarf kinda thing with a lovely, simple pattern. I am making it from yarn donated from one of my friends. When I told her she laughed ahs said that the Clapotis is what she bought the yarn for.

Knitting the Clapotis is HIGHLY addictive. It is a fairly easy pattern to get into the rythm of and it is one of the those "just-one-more-row-and-I'll-stop" kinda things. Crack, it is knitting crack!

Have I mentioned I have been commissioned to make a baby sweater vest? It will be a first of MANY, first clothing item and first baby clothing item. We shall see...the yarn is gorgeous and the sweater is cute as a button! I hope to start it this week!

SO now I want to go...and knit on my Clapotis...


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Second Olympic item finished

I finished my second WIP Wrestling project for the Ravelympics. I FINALLY finished my Doctor Who inspired Rose's wrist warmers. I have had one done for months, but I finally finished the second one today.

I also finished the first skull fauxhawk hat...now it just needs to be felted.

I finished my Davros toy weeks? ago and I don't think I ever posted pictures of him finished. I think he looks great...and I love him...more cuddly evil in my house!

I will probably start the second skull fauxhawk at my knitting group tomorrow. I also have one more project to finish for the Ravelympics and I am knitting an Adipose for someone. Let's not forget, I have to finish that other baby converse bootie. Then I have a number of other projects waiting in the wings.


Saturday, August 9, 2008


You are reading the blog of an OFFICIAL Ravelympics participant...aren't you excited?
More like confused, huh? The HUGE online knitting community, Ravelry has their own Olympics games! No Joke! And I am participating in some of the events.

OK, it is basically an excuse to knit, shocking, yes? So starting with the the OPening ceremonies of the Bejing olympics, the knittin begins. The knitting ends at the end of the Closing Ceremonies. There are all kinds of events like the Sock Put, Hat Dash, felting freestyle...etc. I have put three projects in the Work In Progress Wrestling, which means I am trying to finish three projects I had started before the Olympics.

Anyway, I am knitting for Team TARDIS, the Doctor Who fan team and I finished my first project today. I finished "Malabrigoness"...do you all remember this scarf? I had started doing the pattern wrong, ripped it out and started over again? I have it as being started in January. Here is the finished product...

I am also almost done with my first kids skull fauxhawk.

ALl that is left is the cutting and tying on the fauxhawk part, yeah...zzzzz, I will probably do that tomorrow, I am so not feeling it today.

And yes I said FIRST kids skull fauxhawk hat. I already have the yarn (blue, gold, white) to make a second kids skull fauxhawk.

I also finished and mailed out my friend, B_'s armwarmers. I sure hope they will be able to fit over her removable arm cast so she can walk around Seattle without feeling like a dork!

I think that is it?


Sunday, August 3, 2008

More knitting

I finished the dalek I am knitting for David Tennant, I think he looks great.

And because I HAD to, I took a family photo of my knitted dalek, Blanche and my new series RC dalek with David's future dalek.

I am still working on B_ arm warmers. I have decided to make them the opposite of each other.

I have gotten a LOT done on the skull fauxhawk hat for L_'s niece. I think it is looking great.

I am also almost done with my knitted Davros. I was going to keep him under wraps until he was finished, but I can't help myself...I MUST share.

I think that is it right now, I admit, after Friday I haven't done much knitting. My dear sweet parakeet is sick and I am a bit too distracted to knit much...