Thursday, January 7, 2010

Been Busy!

So I have been quite busy with this thing called graduate school, which has really gotten in the way of my knitting. I think I really need to get my priorities straight...for REAL!

But I managed to get all my Christmas knitting done...

I finished the blanket for L_. I hope she liked the end result, I haven't really had the chance to talk to her since before Christmas, so I don't know.

I finished my mom's Christmas gift which was the Wisp Shawl for my mom in a gorgeous blue colored Malabrigo Lace Weight Yarn. Here is a picture of the shawl and one of mom wearing it!

I made another shawl for my boss...aka the best boss ever. Here is a not so good picture of it.

I made my mom another pair of winter socks, made from The Magic Loop booklet out of Plymouth Cascade 220 yarn. I had made a couple of pairs of these socks for my mom and there was an unfortunate incident with the dryer (wool socks and dryer do not mix). The are now tiny kid's socks, so mom needed so new ones. Here are the pair I made while home at Christmas. I have another in heather gray that are over halfway finished coming her way.

I am also making a LOAD of fauxhawks that need to be finished by mid-February. I finished the knitting on one, a black and green one. Then I am making 3, yes, THREE Depeche Mode related fauxhawks which I am just starting the first. Here they are:

OK, gotta go to the dermatologist...promise to update this blog more often!