Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FO's baby!

So I have recently finished two of my projects. I finished the project for my craft swap...YEA!Cant show it here yet...

I also finished my Bermuda shawl! I love much! While I was knitting it there were times when I had doubts, but now that it is done I think it is gorgeous!

It's totally awesome...I know!

At the same time I finished two objects I started two more that have been waiting in my stash...

I began the Aestlight Shawl out of Schaefer's Audrey Yarn. Here is an example of what it will look like:

I also started another Doctor Who scarf using Berocco's Lustre (I just like to call it "lust"). This yarn is silky and dare I say, sexy! So I am doing a Doctor who season 18 colors scarf but instead of it being in plain garter stitch I am doing it in a lace pattern...cos I am crazy like that. So basically I am working two patterns at for the color striping, one for the row pattern! Did I mention that I am a nutter? But I am loving the creation! Pictures when it gets more length on it!

Still occasionally working on my Doctor Who striped socks...oH! AND... I ripped out the white scarf/shawl I was making for my boss. I really lost interest in it after I discovered I had been knitting it incorrectly according to the pattern. Plus it was lace with a chart... I switched to a shawl that is plain garter stitch with lace on the edge... I lurve it and I am already halfway done. I would like to get it to her by the end of the month!