Monday, August 30, 2010


So the weight loss is really working (47 pounds as of tonight) and I really felt the need to clean around the house this weekend. In the process I found some knitting projects I had chucked in the corner, next to my dresser since christmas. Two different pairs of for me, one for my mom. I put the projects on the coffee table and continued to clean. Last night, I sat down to work on the socks for my mom and I did a couple rows of knitting and I noticed something...did I drop a stitch?'s a hole...wha?! Then I grabbed the completed sock...holes ALL over it. I am guessing silverfish? The other pair of socks is untouched. POUTS

I frantically checked other finished knitting in my bedroom and thankfully the only holes in my knitting are the ones I have put there!

I am almost finished with the Bermuda shawl I am knitting, which means, of course...I must start another project! So I have finally begun the knitting project for my craft swap. The beginning was a little tricky, but I think this is going to be a quicker knit than I originally thought...(Got a lot done at group therapy tonight-yes I have no shame). I can't talk about the project too much because one of the swappers reads this journal...

What else...

Got more yarn! One of the ladies I work with gave me a hat box full of yarn today...totally out of the blue...COOL BEANS, I say!

As I look over at my end table, I see the Bermuda shawl and swap project staring at me...I wish I could knit two projects at once!

DAILY DAVID (at the Emmy's last night! Some dude named Al Pacino won the award David should have won!)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shock! and Awe?

Shock! I am knitting a project for someone else! I's been awhile, but I am interested by the idea and how it will work...

My friend has asked me for an "artistic interpretation" of a Doctor Who scarf. Instead of being about a foot wide, it will be around 3 inches wide. Instead of just a long scarf it will be a loop she can wrap around herself several times, however she deems fit. It will be a good group therapy project...

WHA? You say...yeah, as part of the diet I am on we have a weigh in and group therapy every Monday night...I knit during group therapy. I have asked everyone if they are cool with it and they said they were OK. It helps me pay attention, I'm not the therapist in the situation (although I do find myself watching his methodology) and once the fall semester starts, it might be my only time to knit.

I've been working on my Doctor Who inspired socks in therapy. Members have been curious and are interested in what I am knitting. Did I show you the finished sock?

Still working on my hooded sweatshirt and Bermuda shawl...

Awe? Hum, I have been in awe of the projects my fellow knitters have been making! Beautiful stuff and very inspirational! You ladies ROCK!

I am also a participant in a craft exchange...due in a couple of weeks. Yeah, I know what I want to make, I haven't made it yet. Bad Pammie!

Also need to get cracking on my Knit for the Cure project...


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bringing it back!

OK, I am going to try to bring my journal back...

I don't even know where to begin...I am knitting everything in my apartment that doesn't twitch!!!

A good friend of mine recently sent me a cute little sign which I have put up in my apartment that says "if I'm sitting...I'm knitting" This statement could not be more true right now especially now that my last summer class has ended and the Fall semester doesn't start until September. I think I am using it to:

a) keep away boredom
b) aid me on my dieting (kinda hard to eat when you are knitting!) If you all didn't know this I have now lost 42 pounds!
c) to make up for all the time I will probably not be able to knit in the coming semester? I am afraid between work, internship and class there will be little to zero knitting in the next couple of months

I have been seriously, selfishly, knitting...flat out, for myself, knitting. I have commissions...some rather old commissions to knit things and I just can't get up the enthusiasm to do them. Am I awful?

Right now, I am working on a zip up, hoodie sweater with some Berroco Foliage yarn my bud L_ gave me...THANK YOU! She gave me a 25 gallon rubbermaid container FULL of yarn inspiration the other day!

Here is the example picture of what it will look like...

This is the finished back of my hoodie so you can get an idea of the coloring mine will have...

I am making it to fit me now...I figure a hoodie that was a little oversized in the future wouldn't be a bad thing.

I have made two of these caps:

I had so much yarn left over from the pink one that I am making a matching scarf.

I am also doing the project all the cool kids at the yarn store are doing...the Bermuda shawl. The example picture is this:

Mine is going to be even sexier! I love the is a hotpink to rust to turquoise. I don't have a picture yet.

I am also working on a cashmere shawl. The cashmere that I got on uber sale, because I could never afford it normally. Here is an in progress picture:

I know I am not done with all the projects I have on the needles, however it is almost embarrassing how many things I have going on...


Saturday, August 14, 2010



Are you reading this journal? I have been posting my knitting on my Facebook page and I don't want to bore people with it, by constantly reposting stuff between Ravelry and Facebook and then this journal.

What do you like as a reader? Would you like me to continue with this journal?

Are you bored?