Thursday, October 30, 2008


So this is how I felt last night when I heard the news that David Tennant (of Daily David fame, seen on this blog) is leaving the role of the Doctor in Doctor Who after the 5 specials that will run in 2009.

In the light of a new day, I am doing I have told most of my Who friends, it isn't so much that he is leaving the role of the Doctor it is my irrational fear that I will never see the man act again because he will be on stage exclusively in the UK.

As for knitting, you know, the reason I started this journal...I have done NONE since I left the shop last Friday. But I am going to the Friday morning group tomorrow, so I hope to knit some more then.

I have lots of knitted gifties in mind for the holidays so I hope I will be all healed up so I can knit like the wind!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Crippled and slow

So by Friday morning I had discovered a way to successfully knit, putting the needle between my index and middle fingers of my left hand! It ain't very fast, but it gets the job done.

I went through my stash and found some yarn that D_ gave me and I was going to make a scarf out of and went with that. Nice simple project.

There are two projects I am dying to work on. One is the cardigan for myself, the other is my mom's Christmas gift. I think I am going to have to wait until my hand is 100% to work on those. I am going to have to stick with scarves and dishcloths until I get back to normal...

Hey mom, how is your dishcloth stash?!

Oh, AND I e-mailed my doctor and he said I only have to wear the brace for 2 weeks solid and then we will see how it goes. Hooray!

So there is the dirt...


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Knitting can be dangerous

Yes folks, everyone thinks that knitting, as a sport, would be as exciting as watching paint dry. Non-violent, healthy and relaxing. Well, I am here to tell you, you can get injured due to knitting.

I hadn't told most of my knitting buds or other friends, but my left thumb has been hurting me for a couple of weeks. I thought maybe I strained something, like putting my backpack on for school or, whatever. But the pain just wasn't going away and I became fearful that I was developing arthritis. After talking to my friend M_, she suggested it might be tendonitis.

Well, I went to the doctor today and yes, it is tendonitis and I now have an EXTREMELY sexy wrist/thumb brace I need to wear for about three weeks (I actually can't remember the exact time, I am going to e-mail the doctor tonight). This means...NO KNITTING while I have the brace...unless L_ can teach me her wrist brace knitting technique she has developed.

So yeah, this blog may be a bit empty for awhile.


Saturday, October 18, 2008


Here are some pictures, finally...

Here is a picture of the finished pink dalek I made for a little girl. I think she is very pretty.

Here is my progress on the entrelac afghan:

Here is the finished baby sweater vest...remember a lot of this is due to C_ helping me finish this!

Here is a little camera bag I made our of left over cotton yarn:

See, I do still knit some!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Very little knitting

I seem to vaguely remember this hobby that I used to have...I think it is called knitting. Something you do with yarn and two pointy sticks?! I don't know, I seem to remember enjoing doing it and finding it so relaxing. Now I live with readings and papers hovering over me. I feel guilty when I take the time to knit.

I am serious when I say that the only time I knit is when I knit at the yarn store. It is the only time I don't feel guilty.

I finished two things this past week at the yarn store. I finished the baby vest ONLY with the help of C_ and the Diva. C_ showed me how to pick up the stitched to make the ribbed collar and she showed how to do the mattress stitch, despite the fact that I sucked at it and ended up giving her the sweater vest to finish, in complete defeat. THANK SO MUCH C_. I couldn't have done it with out you!

I used the gift certificates I got for my birthday to buy yarn to make this UBER fab cardigan. My local yarn store just got this new yarn that was perfect for the project. I am excited about it, but I feel guilty even thinking about working on it

I also finished the yellow/blue fauxhawk...maybe I'll get a picture from L_ of the finished felted object so I can share it here. I am going to take a picture of sweater vest tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Friday, my day of knitting guilt free at the store. I am bringing the baby booties I need to finish and I am not sure what else. We shall see.

Pictures next entry?