Sunday, July 27, 2008

Knitting nutter

So I have been knitting a lot and blogging, not so much.

In top knitting news...THE shawl is FINISHED...OK, so I need to weave in the ends and block, but the knitting is done. She is beautiful.

The picture doesn't do it justice since I had no patience to lay it out all nice...just pictorial proof it is finished.

I am still knitting daleks, like, DUH. Right now I have been commissioned by a group of David Tennant fans on the Doctor Who Forum to knit David Tennant a dalek. There is a whole nother blog about that here. This is what it looks like right now.

It is SO much nicer knitting a dalek out of the Cascade 220 than acrylic. The ladies at the yarn store thought he was the best looking dalek I have made. I hope David thinks so!

I also started a pair of arm warmers for my friend of 20 years, B_. Bless her, she has had a series of bicycle/falling accidents which leaves her now in a removable cast on her left hand and a crutch for her right leg...NO JOKE. Now this is the woman that got ME started in knitting in 1995 and she made a request of me. How could I say no? She wants to cover most of that cast on her arm with a pair of arm warmers.

She found the pattern and I will be her hands on this project. This is the pattern she picked Basically I will be using all those worsted weight left overs and creating the arm warmers. This is what I have done so far.

I like it, I hope she will. I am using a certain technique to choose the number of colors (8) and the number of stripes. It is called the Fibonacci number sequence. To learn more about that in knitting GO HERE.

So I have two plastic cups. One has pieces of paper with the numbers on them. The other cup has the color name on them. After each patch of color, I pick the next color/number from the cups and continue to knit. It is kinda fun knitting by chance, but still in a pattern.

Oh, and I have been commissioned to make another fauxhawk for a friend's niece. Now this is a little girl (age 9) after my own heart. She wants a red, black and white (sound familiar, mom?) fauxhawk with a skull on the side! I love it. I have picked a chart for the skull...I probably won't get to starting the actual knitting on it until this Friday.

Yeah, it's too bad I hate to knit so much...


Monday, July 21, 2008


I finished the green dalek last night and it looks adorable. Now that I have made so many of these daleks for other people, I would love to have my own in these color schemes...this green is one I would like.

Cute, huh?

So that is about it today...


Friday, July 18, 2008

Looky Here!

Here is the shell of the lime green dalek I am making:

Snazzy color, huh? I just need to knit the appendages, stuff and knit up the base!

Here is the first fuschia I created for my bag. Now, keep in mind it is to be felted and it HAS NOT been felted yet.

And finally, a couple I worked with in Pennsylvania just had their first baby, a boy, a couple days ago. I have been meaning to start this project since I found out they were going to have a baby...yeah...I am on the ball.

All you knitters out there know how few cute patterns are out there for little boys. Well I found a pattern to knit baby booties that look like converse high tops!

I started on a couple times last night trying different yarns and needles. The pattern calls for worsted weight, but it looked like a bootie for a five year I went to Berroco COmfort DK and I really like the results. I finished the first one at the yarn shop today!

Maybe I'll finish the second tomorrow at my fiberholics meeting...


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Knitting

So my knitting has suffered greatly over the past few weeks...

No sooner did my mom go back to Atlanta, than I had my great aunt and cousins visit in nearby Anaheim...I had to go spend time with them! Like, duh! Family first and we all had SO much fun together. So I haven't done A LOT of knitting, but I have been keeping the needles warm.

I finished another New Series dalek, named Francis. I completely FLAKED and did not even take a picture of him before I put him in the mail...DORK...but this is basically what he looks like.

Happliy, the person I made it for threw me a FABULOUS tip above the cost which ROCKS! I don't know if you read this blog, but THANK YOU.

I began a lime green and black dalek right when I received the yarn to make the dalek for David Tennant (See the DTAT Dalek for David blog link on the right). So there his yarn sits while I need to finish the current dalek. I am LOVING this green one...I love me some green and this one looks really nice.

I am also knitting an Adipose for a BBC project. I don't think I can really say what it is yet, but it needs to be done ASAP. I hope to finish it tonight and have it in the mail tomorrow.

I admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed right now with my projects. I am getting twitchy about them and I end up sitting and watching the TV and not knitting because there is so much to do...does that make sense?