Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Project

I got a new project at the yarn store today.  It is a scarf that is on display at the store. I really like the pattern. I don't know if it is hush hush, or not, so I will say no more here. I'll ask permission to post about it.

Just when I got a little too confident about my lace knitting on that mohair shawl.  I found a mistake about 4 rows down and about 6 rows above the life line I put in. I ended up ripping it out row by row. I'm caught up to where I was before the rip out.  I think I need to move my life line more often. Here endth my lesson on moving my life lines.

I am moving at the end of March. I really need to be packing WAY more than I am. I'm embarrassed to say that I still need to put my Christmas decorations away.  Every night I look at them and say I will put them away tomorrow and tomorrow comes and the thought of it is overwhelming.  I was so hard for me to put them up this year, I know it's going to be just as hard (physically) to take them down again.  I have never wanted magical powers more than I do now.  I wish I could just twitch my nose and my apartment would be packed!


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