Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm Moving Out!

I am that much closer to moving to Highland! I can say and am excited about moving in, but the actual move itself, not so much. Here is what my apartment looks like right now:

Yeah, there is still a lot left to pack...like the kitchen.

The commissioned lace shawl is turning out beautifully.
I've had some minor set backs, had to rip back some rows, but overall, I LOVE the pattern and I love how it's turning out.  I can't wait to show the person who commissioned it!

Other knitting is going well...I can't believe how many commissions I have going right now. I feel honored that people want me to knit for them.

In other fiber news, in the process of moving, I have discovered the full extent of my yarn stash and it is shocking! Seriously, I am amazed. I have also found started projects I'd forgotten I even had.  I think I could knit a cozy to cover the whole planet with the yarn I have!!!


Call the Midwife, season 2 has ended in Britain and it was wonderful, despite them calling crocheted squares knitted.  I think they will show this on PBS, I highly recommend watching it.

I'm watching The Amazing Race, which mom got me started on when I was sick last year.  I'm cheering for the hockey player brothers, It will be interesting to see how far their hockey skills can take them.

The Walking Dead...brilliant, I love David Morrissey (The Governor) and I know I will mourn the loss of his evilness when they kill him off (you know that's coming!)

I've only watched the first episode of David Tennant in Broadchurch and it is awesome. I hope it will get picked up and shown here in the US.


Still with Nicholas, but I also picked up Victoria Thompson's, Murder on Sisters' Row, which is a part of her Gaslamp series, Victorian Era murder/mystery set in New York City. I love this series!


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